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ES Cartwright LLC

What we do:

ES Cartwright, LLC is a full service worldwide media company providing production, distribution, marketing, sales and financing to the entertainment industry.

ES Cartwright, LLC – creates, markets and distributes leading edge entertainment content worldwide via all forms of media platforms including feature film, television, digital broadband and wireless.

ESC has gained a reputation as a market leader providing consulting services to producers of television programming with its out-of-the-box thinking and results oriented solutions driven by the ability to capitalize on relationships between and among the television broadcast, cable, advertiser and production communities.

ESC provides clients with original ideas, customized service and personal attention. ESC specializes in designing and implementing new and original methods to realize its clients' goals.

ESC is passionate about interactive television and the convergence of mobile entertainment with traditional media platforms. ESC's capabilities deliver maximum value for producers, clients and brands.

ES Cartwright LLC • Global Phone: (808) 343-2707 • Email: Ernest@ESCartwright.com • 920 Kline Street, Suite 302, La Jolla, CA 92037

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