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Hollywood Previews is a daily fix previewing the newest feature films in theatres, video releases and box office reports. Hollywood previews will also feature behind-the-scenes and inside-the-nightlife action of today's most recognizable celebrities from music, sports, television, film and fashion. Each episode delivers on-the-scene coverage of the hottest nightclubs, restaurants, Hollywood parties and Red Carpet events making headlines in the Entertainment World!

Hollywood Previews

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CBS, Absolut Drink to Tough Times in Prime
Absolut buys prime inventory on CBS O&Os for first time

Viewers on Feb. 8 who tuned in to CBS' broadcast of the 51st Annual Grammy Awards were treated to a cross-generational Whitman's Sampler of live performances, as kiddie-pop artists the Jonas Brothers teamed up with R&B icon Stevie Wonder, and Paul McCartney ripped through "I Saw Her Standing There" with lead Foo Fighter Dave Grohl.

But perhaps the most groundbreaking moment came in the third hour of the program, when affiliates in 14 of the top DMAs ran a 30-second branding spot for Absolut vodka. The event marked the first time a commercial for a distilled-spirits product has appeared on any CBS-owned TV station. As produced by TBWA/Chiat/Day, the "Hugs" ad presents a softly-lit parallel universe where affection is coin of the realm, and a kiss on the cheek is the sanctioned currency. Scored with the Louis Armstrong standard "A Kiss to Build a Dream On," the ad ends with the "In An Absolut World" tag line and an understated product shot....(more)

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